Why is my hair blue?

If you are reading this I’m going to bet that you are a Grandmother, Granny, Gramma, Gee-Gee, Nana etc. Like me.

This little online story is NOT  about my grandkids (although they are pretty perfect) and it’s not a lament about being a Granny at around age 50. 

What I am here to talk about is the changes in the hair, skin and bodies of those of us at a certain age. And also, to break up certain stereotypes about Grannies that I know still exist. 

Blue haired Grannies are not a phenomenon. Hair stylists have been putting blueing on older ladies white hair as long as I can remember.  And remembering hair styles is a weird function of my brain.  I’m such a wannabe hairstylist it’s sad.  I love all things hair. That is why I have become a blue haired granny.  When I saw so much gray coming into my dishwater blonde hair I had to make a change from covering it up and adjusting tones of blonde.

It’s a difficult transition to go all grey or in my case assorted cooler tones. It changes your entire face. It makes your skin color look different. That’s when I knew I needed to talk about these changes.  

Help with changing makeup palette, clothing choices, hair products, skin care. That is why I am here with you so that we can chat about products, colors, styles, all kinds of things for those of us at a certain age and with all kinds of changes.

Why am I qualified to do this? Because I live it. Beauty magazines were my mainstay until computers came along. Who here is old enough to remember Mademoiselle magazine? Huh?Huh? When the fall clothes issue of Seventeen arrived on the stands I would grab it and run home. Yes, run home because in the 70’s kids were able to run around all over the place, even going to stores alone or “gasp” walking to school, in snow, uphill, both ways.

Now I stalk the interwebs to find what I need  and have had some  luck but not in all one place. That’s when I decided I could possibly be that one place. Sincerely, I hope I can help others with these beauty changes caused by the passing of years.

Other than a hair and beauty “freak” I have been a writer my entire life; I wrote a newspaper column “The Mother Load” back before computers were in everyone’s hands. I’ve been running several successful Etsy shops, Mermaids Madness and Punkys Rooster are devoted to hair barrettes.

Hair has been one of my obsessions since Marcia Brady made the scene. And no, I never had locks like her. In the last century my hair was dyed pink using powdered blush, vaseline and the ever wonderful “Sun In”, dyed totally red for years, dyed red with chunky blond front high lights ala  Spice Girls

And who knows how many other cuts,colors, style you can think of my hair has been there. Thankfully now I have a professional who keeps me in check. (if blue and mermaid shades are in check)

Besides writing I’ve been a Mom,School Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Phlebotomist, College Student at 43, Retail Clerk, Artist and finally now a blogger. Ha! Let’s hope.

I’ve had a blog in the past that focused the etsy shops but this time around I want this to be a conversation. We can help each other. Did you find a great product? Tell us about it? Do you have a makeup or skincare technique that you swear by? Share it. Are you baffled by why you were once an Autumn and now your are a Winter??

Let’s help one another and tell stories about our amazing Grandbabies once in awhile.

Yours in technicolor


Woman in black with blue streaks in silver hair