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Squats (again!)
Yes, we discussed doing squats daily in order get in a touch of fitness easily everyday. Well…how’s that going for you? For me it pretty much ceased. But why? When something is so easy to take care of would I cease?
Human nature I believe. Even though I created as a habit while I was brushing my teeth, I still stopped. The side effect for this? Back pain. I’ve got a terrible back, Scoliosis with 30plus degrees at each curve, so my back hurts most of the time. Exercise, in almost any form, helps with that.

Now that we’ve moved across the country I had to seek out a gym or instructor to help me. Especially since I was failing at doing my hundred squats at home.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with al the trial and error I handled while finding a suitable workout. (you’re welcome)
What I am going to share is my final happy discovery. Barre3.
Have you heard of this?

Lucky for me, I’ve got several “bonus” daughters and two of them are Barre work out fanatics. One is actually an instructor; sadly living thousands of miles from me but her dedication to the style really informed me. Another one of my little ladies completely transformed her postpartum body.

One of the added advantages I’ve found with Barre3 is that energizes me. A lot of the time after I’ve gone to the gym I’d be worn out completely and useless for the day. Now, I’m excited to go first thing in the morning and come home and get a lot of other things done. Win!
Another bonus that I love about Barre3 is that there are classes at all different times of the day.

What is Barre3? It’s one of several Barre method studios but in particular the workout includes elements of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. There’s a great loud soundtrack going on in the background too. What I know about ballet fits on the head of a pin but I’ve spent years doing Yoga and love it. Pilates I’ve tried but never did more than a video. Therefore, it wasn’t an huge surprise taking part in the first workout.

Another lovely bonus that I’ve found is that everyone is super friendly and encouraging. The instructors take a moment to reassure that we are all in this together and the studio is a “safe” space. Which is great when I’m not feeling very limber some days and have to head to the barre and hold on or use some of the helpful modifications the instructors offer.

What do you think? Have you been keeping up with your one hundred squats a day? Do you go to the gym? Do you think you’d like to try Barre3 or one of the other barre method experiences out there? Let us know in the comments below so we can have a lovely chat.


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