Let’s Chat About The Great British Baking Show

Let’s Chat About The Great British Baking Show

Okay, I’ve never pretended to like to cook or bake. Also, this little corner of the interwebs is supposed to be about beauty. Hmmmm? Well, food is part of beauty. It’s definitely a part of all of my excess beauty. (What? You don’t know that expression? Well, a wonderful friend of mine used that phrase whenever she gained a few extra pounds. It’s a great expression and I’ve adopted it as my own.

Now where were we? We are watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. (This post is NOT a paid advertisement and I have not received any compensation to discuss this program)

I’m pretty sure I’m late to this party, mostly because I don’t really care to bake or cook. THEN we watch The Great British Baking Show and it’s all I can think about is baking.

Considering that I started baking when I was little (first project swapped salt for sugar) and then married as a child and continued baking, one would think that I loved to make food. NOPE. It’s work. It’s a ridiculous amount of work. Fast forward to working in the big ‘ole corporate world and I was tasked with making cupcakes for an entire floor. Again, more WORK.

Then one day I’m flicking around the channels and there is The Great British Baking Show and I’m hooked! What is it about this show? Suddenly I’m reading recipes in the way I normally read E!News.

From many reviews I’ve read, the show is so popular because everyone is so nice to each other. Ok, that’s fine. My obsession is that it’s kind of like a puzzle. Present me with a puzzle and I’m set for hours.

The Great British Baking Show has an interesting formula that you can discern easily if you watch enough. We see the interesting men; one professional, one blue collar. The ethnic usually a male and a female. The youngster. The housewife. And a scattering of men and women of varying ethnicities and professions. Ok, we get it. There’s a formula. But what is really amazing is that they don’t try and undercut one another. They are collegial. And much more collegial than any group I’ve ever worked with in real life.

Better yet, the recipes that they work on are inspiring. I’ve made Chelsea Buns and have never eaten one in the UK. And, my next project is Mary Berry’s Madeira Cake; which I’ve never tasted or heard of. This show is crazy in how it inspires me to get back into the kitchen.

What about you? Do you like to cook and or bake? Do you watch this show? do you like it? Let me know in the comments. That’s where the real fun chat goes.



Let’s Chat About…

Squats (again!)
Yes, we discussed doing squats daily in order get in a touch of fitness easily everyday. Well…how’s that going for you? For me it pretty much ceased. But why? When something is so easy to take care of would I cease?
Human nature I believe. Even though I created as a habit while I was brushing my teeth, I still stopped. The side effect for this? Back pain. I’ve got a terrible back, Scoliosis with 30plus degrees at each curve, so my back hurts most of the time. Exercise, in almost any form, helps with that.

Now that we’ve moved across the country I had to seek out a gym or instructor to help me. Especially since I was failing at doing my hundred squats at home.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with al the trial and error I handled while finding a suitable workout. (you’re welcome)
What I am going to share is my final happy discovery. Barre3.
Have you heard of this?

Lucky for me, I’ve got several “bonus” daughters and two of them are Barre work out fanatics. One is actually an instructor; sadly living thousands of miles from me but her dedication to the style really informed me. Another one of my little ladies completely transformed her postpartum body.

One of the added advantages I’ve found with Barre3 is that energizes me. A lot of the time after I’ve gone to the gym I’d be worn out completely and useless for the day. Now, I’m excited to go first thing in the morning and come home and get a lot of other things done. Win!
Another bonus that I love about Barre3 is that there are classes at all different times of the day.

What is Barre3? It’s one of several Barre method studios but in particular the workout includes elements of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. There’s a great loud soundtrack going on in the background too. What I know about ballet fits on the head of a pin but I’ve spent years doing Yoga and love it. Pilates I’ve tried but never did more than a video. Therefore, it wasn’t an huge surprise taking part in the first workout.

Another lovely bonus that I’ve found is that everyone is super friendly and encouraging. The instructors take a moment to reassure that we are all in this together and the studio is a “safe” space. Which is great when I’m not feeling very limber some days and have to head to the barre and hold on or use some of the helpful modifications the instructors offer.

What do you think? Have you been keeping up with your one hundred squats a day? Do you go to the gym? Do you think you’d like to try Barre3 or one of the other barre method experiences out there? Let us know in the comments below so we can have a lovely chat.


Let’s Chat about Squats

Let’s Chat about Squats

Let's chat about Squats

Somewhere, sometime ago,  I read or heard that if a person does only one exercise ever then that exercise should be squats. Yes, those painful deep knee bends as the nuns called them in gym class so long ago. Or in yoga terms; chair pose.  No matter what you call them they all add up to the same thing, pain.

However, what is more painful both physically and emotionally is when you do go into a squat, say to feed the dog, and then you struggle to get up the embarrassment is legion. Right? Do you feel me here?

Mostly, my favorite form of exercise is bending my elbow with seven ounces of Chardonnay, but after several embarrassing incidents of being stuck to the floor, I’ve decided to squat, squat, squat.  I would say, squat my ass off but I already suffer from flat ass.

Where to start? Lucky me, I found the 100 squats a day challenge on Buzzfeed

Naturally, being impulsive, I started right off the bat. No bothering to measure my flat butt like I should have but at least I did start right?  But how do you stick with it and make progress?

This is how I do it and maybe this will be a help to you.

Every morning, while I brush my teeth, I squat.

My toothbrush runs for something like four minutes and in that time I can proudly say I can do fifty squats.  Could I do that many the first day? No effing way. Maybe I could do ten but I stopped after probably three.  Today, I don’t have to stop until thirty-seven-ish.

But wait you’re saying that’s only fifty. Well, don’t you brush twice a day? Yeppers, I get the other fifty in at night.  Plus I’ll deep knee bend a few times while the water boils, the coffee brews and sometimes waiting for the dog to poop. (With Ollie I can get in close to forty waiting)

Did I do one hundred every day for the first week? HA! Heck no. I worked my way up after days and weeks. It’s been thirty days now and the difference I feel is nothing short of amazing.

As a chronic low back and hip  pain sufferer it’s easy to pass on exercising because everything hurts. The paradox is though that if you exercise it hurts less. So I stuck with the squats and now, drumroll please I feel so much better all over.  My hip feels new, my lower back is nearly pain free and best of all I can get up off the floor with out feeling like I’m thirty years older than I am.

What about you all? Do you love exercising? Do you hate it? Do you want to join me in the 100 squat challenge?  Tell me all about it in the comments below. Let’s keep chatting!

Yours in techni-color


I am not a doctor an exercise professional. Please check with your own doctor before starting any exercise program.

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