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Let's chat about fingernails and biting them.

Hey readers!

I’ve never made my nail biting a secret; it’s something I do and try super hard NOT to do. The sleep hypnosis sessions are helping but they get boring.

One of the other things that I find that helps me is to keep some kind of polish on them. It doesn’t need to be a color even clear helps.   That’s cool, I like polish. Now, there’s a new kind of polish that was sold to me, it’s a kind of stick on polish. You know, no brushes involved and the polish is already dry. Sounds quick? 

Here is my review of one type, ColorStreet. I have no affiliation with this company and I bought the sets of colors with my own personal money.


This photo show what the product looks like out of the package. It’s a version of clear polish with glitter.

As you can see, each strip is roughly finger shaped and the rep who sold these to me taught me how easy they are to apply. A lot easier than painting polish on with a brush, less mess and the excess pinches off quite simply.

Here’s some of the mess. A lot less than if I had spilled all over the place, which has happened in the past.

The tiny emery board at the top of the pic comes along with the the ColorStreet strips. The scissors are my own. Remember, my nails are very short so a bit of help was needed to finish the tips off.

Now, I carefully (hahaha- I’m so not careful) applied the plain pink on four nails and the glitter on one and it took me about thirty minutes. If I were to have painted my nails it would have taken me about one minute. Maybe they would have looked worse, who knows. Maybe I would have spilled all over the place?

What do you think? Unimpressive right? AND I have another whole hand to put on.  I notice that the skin on my cuticles is even dryer (if that’s possible)  and I will do the usual uber moisturizing that I need to do at bedtime. The fact that these nails are fully dry when applied helps with that because normally I’d be afraid to smudge a new manicure by using moisturizer. 

Additionally I purchased a set of pretty blue nail stickers . Nail stickers ? Is that what I should call them? They’re actual nail polish.

Anyway, I did buy the blue ones and another set of clear with finer glitter. Why? Because I like glitter.

The run down is each pack costs around $13.00. The rep I purchased from was having a sale- buy three get one free.

Each pack includes 16 tabs of single use nail color, a mini emery board and two little alcohol wipes. 

The rep who sold me explained that since these are ACTUAL nail polish, once you open the packet they will dry out. What she advised was to seal the plastic using her hair flat iron. She says it works and I’ll be trying it out in a few. 

However, despite the expense of these I’m not too worried about them drying out because I don’t think I will be bothering with these again. 

Bottom line on ColorStreet, not for me. Are they good? Maybe when(if) my nails get longer.  The rep told me that these can also be used on my toes but I’d say no. Not unless you have actual frying pans for toes. Possibly, I will put one glitter one on my big toe but my toe nail beds are not large enough to use these.

If you have nails and an opportunity to try ColorStreet I wouldn’t tell you to run toward or away but for me, I’m sticking to old fashioned polish. And of course my no nail biting hypnosis podcasts.

Please comment below so we can continue this chat.

Talk soon,


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