Oh those little macarons!


Those pesky little sweet treats are so hard to get perfect.This batch is pretty near perfect, at least for me. They are a plain cookie with a a mango passionfruit curd inside. That weird looking red stuff on the top is freeze dried raspberry. Let’s scratch that up to the live and learn world. Freeze dried raspberry tastes great and grates easily but it scorches if you put it on top of macarons while they bake.

Here’s the truly sad part of this macaron saga of mine: I made a perfect, gorgeous batch with my four year old grandson. We had limited tools and lots of distractions. How did they come out so well? My DDIL’s sheet pan was perfectly flat so that when I banged it; all the air bubbles went out. The worst part? Not one photo was taken and the macarons were all gobbled up within fifteen minutes. But, here are some photos of my trial and error. I’m planning on trying another, different recipe I found in a Great British Bake Off cookbook and I bought a new, nice flat pan.

Chat soon!

vanilla macaron filled with homemade blueberry curd. Yummy.
Homemade blueberry curd. Yummy.


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