Let’s Chat About Callouses

Let’s Chat About Callouses

Hello all of you lovelies!!

Has anyone told you today how fabulous you are? Well you are fabulous and thanks for being here.

Today we are going to chat about some good news as well as some not so good news.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing earth shattering is only about calloused feet.

Yes feet.  You know it’s so easy now to go out for a pedicure, there’s a Mani/Pedi parlor on every corner and are reasonably priced. If you are anything like me though, you might like to pinch a penny or two so mani/pedi might be off the list occasionally. Or, like me, I like the do-it-yourself method at times.

That is what brings me to the good news. I bought the rumored “Baby Feet” home foot mask this Christmas season, for all of the girls on my list. Kind of forgetting I even had one that I gifted myself I pulled it out the other day to give it a go.

I cut open the package, release the little booties and place them on my feet. Yes, gooey feeling but not horrible.  As per instructions I used the tape that is supplied to seal the baggies around my feet. Me, personally, put sock on over the booties.

The instructions state to leave the bags in place for one hour so I do. After the hour is up you are to wash your feet off. Oh, and I should mention that you are supposed to wash your feet prior to booting up. 

After you wash the gooey from your feet you are free to go about your normal day.  Now, if you read the instructions, it says that you will have better luck with the product if you soak your feet in warm water everyday.  Really? I’m going to make time for that? Nope.

Which here is the not so good news. Not too many callouses removed.  Some skin shedded off. More than the pumice stone usually gets off but not nearly the huge sheets flesh shown on the package and in the ads.

Moral of this story? Can you guess? Read and follow all instructions.