Let’s Chat About Learning New Things

In our last post we veered away from the world of beauty and delved in the world of TV baking shows.  More realistically, we delved into my ridiculous obsession with The Great British Baking Show.  

This pushed me to thinking that maybe I’m not such a bad baker after all.  And  while I’m doing all of this baking, I’m not putting on makeup and doing my hair.  So  what am I doing writing about beauty products?

That’s what made me realize I need to expand on what I write. I need to embrace all things Grandmother and write not just about looking better in my golden years but also about other Grandmotherly pursuits like baking, cooking, Grand-babies etc.  Don’t you agree? 

Now lucky you readers this is the FIRST in this newly incorporated Grandmother Style Blog.  That’s what I’m calling it.  It’s similar to Lifestyle blogging but  I’m not  really cool like that ’cause I’m older and slower. 

So if you enjoy learning and learning about new things and reading more reviews then please continue following me and PLEASE leave comments. 

Chat soon,