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Meal Service Plans

It’s not something I brag about but here it is: I HATE to cook. Capital letters are needed because I really really hate to cook.

The short story is, I raised three boys. There was a lot of cooking involved in that endeavor. I’m not going to try and fool anybody by saying I cooked well then. But I cooked nourishment. They all three grew and thrived and are now excellent, well nourished, adults.  They all three cook, one of them an actual foodie.

As for now, my hubby professes to enjoy cooking but dislikes having to plan.  I get that. Enter meal planning and delivery services.

We started out using Blue Apron. We loved it. The hubby learned a bunch of new techniques and it made us adventurous cooks and eaters. Yes, I cooked a bit.  The groceries came packed well, with ice and the recipes were printed with photos on sturdy card that I wish I had saved in a binder.

As much as we enjoyed Blue Apron we thought we would try Hello Fresh simultaneously. We had a free offer and gave it a try.  It was fine but not nearly as memorable as Blue Apron. 

One of the really great things about all of the meal planning/delivery services that we’ve tried is that there is no contract to lock into.  So, when we had to pick up and move across the country we were able to press the pause button on Blue Apron and head out West.

Fast forward a bit and we are moved into our newly built house and awaiting our Blue Apron. Unfortunately, that didn’t work since our address was not really on any delivery maps.  Sadly, we canceled that service.  But I will still re commend Blue Apron to anyone who asks.

As time went on we decided to look into other services because we were just plain hungry.  We decided to try Home Chef. It had great reviews and we saw that it was also available in the local grocery store which gave us hope they could find our house.  They can and do, every week. Every week unless we put them on hold. Again, no contract so easy to place on hold.

The recipes and ingredients with Home Chef are simpler to follow and easier to put together but less adventurous. One important aspect I’ve discovered with Home Chef is that some of the meals are really DELICIOUS. All caps necessary again.  A few of the meals have really made me sit up and say Wow! The meals come on time, packed well with ice and the recipes are printed on sturdy card with photos and this time around I know to save them in a binder.

I realize that this space is supposed to be about beauty but what is more beautiful than saving time and eating well? Right?  

Have any of you tried a meal planning and delivery service? How was it? Do you have a favorite? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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