What is a description?

A while back I wrote a different blog with more regularity and ad sponsors and felt it was successful. Even further back than that I wrote a newspaper column. You remember newspapers? That bit of writing was like pre-mommy blogging and it was very successful. But today I ask what is successful?

What brings this introspection? Something as simple as reading another blog and being inspired. As I read I discovered a blog link up (which I rarely join) that was interesting. It’s a Finish The Sentence Friday link up and the sentence to finish this week is: I hope my life is described as.

That is a powerful sentence to finish, especially for someone of advanced age as myself, but let me try.

I hope my life is described as Mom. Simple. Straightforward. One word. Mom.  It’s the best thing I can think of about my life  in a long list of careers, jobs, hobbies, roles. It’s a description with no regrets and here and there a couple of regrets. It’s a description encompassing not only human beings I gave birth and raised but four legged, two winged and finned creatures I nurtured.






Sure, I’ve cared for others in different ways: wife, friend, assistant, romantic. Those roles only took a little bit of me. My position as Mom was me. It IS me. Grandmother is me too, but I could never be that without being Mom.

Step-mother is me, but that’s a bonus. That’s a treat. That’s me baking and sharing goodies.

Mother-in-law? A high wire act. That’s me carrying a lot of hearts in my hands and trying not to step the wrong way for fear of dropping them. But both are still Mom. 

I hope my life is described as worthy. I hope I was worthy of the blessings bestowed on me as a Mom to fur, fins, feathers or flesh. I see that it was all worthwhile. Every headache, tummy ache, sleepless night, plaster cast and suture worth it. Every minute of worrying, caring and feeding was worth it.

 Do I still care if my hair is right and my skin and makeup on point? Yes, and I always have. Do I care if my recipes and bakes are tasty and look great? Of course, that’s a part of me. Parts of me; not all of me.  


If you’re interested in joining this link up you can do so here and to read the words of my fellow blogger who inspired me you can do that here.  Also, if you are interested in reading more of my words, my children’s book is available HERE

Talk soon,